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Al Jolson's experience with radio began in the dawn of the medium, and continued until the birth of television, and his death. He started the Kraft Music Hall, along with programs for Lifebuoy Soap, Colgate Tooth Powder, and Chevrolet, and died while waiting to go on to Bing Crosby's Chesterfield program. Here is another full length radio programs, in Real Audio format, for your enjoyment.

Al Jolson and Bing Crosby    
Al Jolson and Bing Crosby
Al Jolson's buddy, Bing Crosby, was the star of Philco Radio Time, after leaving the Kraft Music Hall in the late 1940s. Al Jolson's guest shots on Bing's program ultimately resulted in his returning as host of the Kraft Music Hall in October, 1947. This program, Al Jolson's second guest appearance on the Philco Program, was broadcast on March 5, 1947, and starred Bing Crosby, with Ken Carpenter announcing.

Bing opened the program with "Running Around In Circles," and then asked the musical question, "What Am I Going To Do About You?"

After a suitable introduction, Al Jolson opened his segment with Irving Berlin's "Let Me Sing And I'm Happy." Fresh in the public eye from The Jolson Story, Jolie and Bing talked a bit about the movie.

Following that, Jolson then blew away the audience with a great rendition of "Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody."

Harking back to the novelty numbers Jolson used to sing, Bing and Al pick up one cut from The Jolson Story, singing "Who Paid The Rent For Mrs. Rip Van Winkle?"

Bing and Al join voices in "Back In Your Own Backyard" and "You Made Me Love You," with Al's "You Dawg!" They close the set with a rousing version of "Waiting For The Robert E. Lee."

After the previous attempt at product promotion, Bing and Al "have a go" at another Philco commercial, and then finish together with "The Anniversary Song."

Enjoy this warm program linking two show business legends in a wonderful half-hour.

Listen to this radio program and watch a Video Podcast with an excerpt of the show illustrated with photos of the stars.

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     This is an excerpt of the 05 Mar 1947 Bing Crosby program with guest star Al Jolson. This is a little clip from the show, with Bing and Al singing Jolson's classic "Who Paid The Rent For Mrs. Rip Van Winkle When Rip Van Winkle Went Away?" Photos of Bing and Al on the radio complete the experience. Of course, they do it better than I could describe!

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