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Al Jolson's experience with radio began in the dawn of the medium, and continued until the birth of television, and his death. He started the Kraft Music Hall, along with programs for Lifebuoy Soap, Colgate Tooth Powder, and Chevrolet, and died while waiting to go on to Bing Crosby's Chesterfield program. On this page, I will be featuring radio programs, in Real Audio format, for your enjoyment.

Victor Moore and Al Jolson Guest star Victor Moore with Al Jolson
By this point, Al Jolson's Kraft Music Hall had settled into a very nice format, with Jolson singing, Levant playing, and a guest star take part in the festivities. This week's program starts off with a tip to the British Royal Wedding, that of then Princess Elizabeth! Jolson followed that with a rousing rendition of "Swanee"!

Oscar Levant joined Jolie to discuss money, mangled the script, and knocked Jolson's age. Levant then played a Chopin piece. I invite those who know its name to share that information with us!

After a Kraft commercial, and some cheesy comments that followed, Scotty Beckett got credit for a Rudy Wissler performance, done in this show by Mr. Jolson, himself. And then, we hear Al Jolson tapping a contemporaneous Broadway show to sing the number "A Fellow Needs A Girl."

The guest star for the evening was Victor Moore, a popular radio personality of the time. Moore's character was, to say the least, not as dynamic as Jolson. This would be the first of four Music Hall appearances for Victor Moore, who spent this segment trying to get a radio show of his own. If your memory is good, you will even pick up a joke carried over from a previous broadcast.

After the last Kraft commercial, with Ken Carpenter at his best, Al Jolson returned for his closing number. With a song that seemed just made for him, you'll get a thrill hearing Al Jolson sing "I'll Be Seeing You."

Listen to this radio program and watch a Video Podcast with an excerpt of the show illustrated with photos of the stars.

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     This is an excerpt of the 13 Nov 1947 broadcast of the Kraft Music Hall, starring Al Jolson. Victor Moore was the guest star on this broadcast, but to hear his portion you will have to check the broadcast. Here, enjoy Al Jolson with his closing number from the show, "I'll Be Seeing You." Some unique views of the Kraft broadcast helps you feel you were there.

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