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Al Jolson's experience with radio began in the dawn of the medium, and continued until the birth of television, and his death. He started the Kraft Music Hall, along with programs for Lifebuoy Soap, Colgate Tooth Powder, and Chevrolet, and died while waiting to go on to Bing Crosby's Chesterfield program. On this page, I will be featuring full length radio programs, in Real Audio format, for your enjoyment.

Oscar Levant - Lucille Ball - Al Jolson Guest Lucille Ball with Al Jolson and Oscar Levant

We all remember "I Love Lucy." Well, here are Jolie and Lucy, together on the Kraft Music Hall of Thursday, January 22, 1948, before she became known to us all as "Lucy Ricardo" of "I Love Lucy."

Al's opening number dates way back to his Winter Garden days, with "Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula." Following that, after the usual bantering with Oscar Levant, Mr. Levant does justice to a Rachmaninoff piece. Again, we do not have a title for this number, so if anyone knows what piece it is, please let me know!

Continuing with older songs, Jolson then sings "The Traumerei." It wasn't written as a song, but some guy put words to it and, well, I guess we'll hear from Schumann in the morning! This was one of the first songs that Jolson ever recorded, still on the Victor label.

Jolson has two more songs in this segment, Gershwin's wonderful "It Ain't Necessarily So," and "Hannah In Savannah."

Joined by Lucille Ball, Al and Oscar then do a radio skit, "Asa Yoelson - Private Eye."

Al closed the show with an Irving Berlin favorite, "What'll I Do?"

Listen to this radio program and watch a Video Podcast with an excerpt of the show illustrated with photos of the stars.

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     This is an excerpt of the 22 Jan 1948 broadcast of the Kraft Music Hall, starring Al Jolson. While Lucille Ball was the guest on this week's show, you will have to listen to the full show on the link at the left to hear her mix it up with Jolie; this except includes Jolson and Oscar Levant from the middle of the show. Jolson and Levant kibbitzed with songs old and new, including "The Traumerei," "It Ain't Necessarily So," and "Hannah In Savannah." And, of course, pictures of Oscar and Al.

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