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Al Jolson's experience with radio began in the dawn of the medium, and continued until the birth of television, and his death. He started the Kraft Music Hall, along with programs for Lifebuoy Soap, Colgate Tooth Powder, and Chevrolet, and died while waiting to go on to Bing Crosby's Chesterfield program. On this page, I will be featuring full length radio programs, in Real Audio format, for your enjoyment.

The cast of the Lux broadcast of The Jolson Story   
Ludwig Donath, Al Jolson
Evelyn Keyes and William Demarest
on the Lux Radio Theatre broadcast of
"The Jolson Story"
For many Jolson fans, it was The Jolson Story that introduced us to the story and voice of Al Jolson. But, although he is said to have wanted to play himself, it was Larry Parks who stood in for the image of Al Jolson in that film, and the concluding Jolson Sings Again.

In this Lux Radio Theatre adaptation of the movie, The Jolson Story, broadcast on the CBS radio network on February 16, 1948, however, it was Al Jolson playing Al Jolson. Along with Evelyn Keyes, William Demarest and Ludwig Donath, who reprised their movie roles of Julie Benson, Steve Martin, and Papa Yoelson, respectively, this one hour program condensed the movie story into a tight radio drama.

Sit back and enjoy this broadcast, in which Al Jolson sings some of the great Jolson standards from the movie. You will hear him sing "Ma Blushin' Rosie," "My Mammy," "Toot Toot Tootsie!", "You Made Me Love You," "April Showers," "Liza," "Anniversary Song," "Swanee," and a reprise of "April Showers."

Airing on Monday, February 16th, on CBS, between his regular Thursday Kraft Music Hall broadcasts on NBC, Jolson does a wonderful job playing himself in this radio show.

Listen to this radio program and watch a Video Podcast with an excerpt of the show illustrated with photos of the stars.

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     This is an excerpt of the 16 Feb 1948 Lux Radio version of The Jolson Story, starring Al Jolson. Al Jolson played himself in the radio adaptation of his fictionalized film biography. In this brief excerpt of the one hour broadcast, you can hear William Demarest narrating, while Al Jolson sings "Ma Blushin' Rosie," "Toot, Toot, Tootsie," and "My Mammy." I have illustrated this podcast with some scenes from the movie, some candid shots of the actors, and some classic shots of Jolson, himself.

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