Dear Fellow Jolson Fans and Friends:

We now have an incredible opportunity to display some of our treasured "Al Jolson"-related memorabilia in what has to be one of the most suitable and prestigious venues around. The HOLLYWOOD HISTORY MUSEUM located in the Debbie Reynold's Motion Picture Collection Museum in Hollywood, California, has expressed great interest in displaying certain artifacts relating to the great Al Jolson. They would like to create a permanent JOLSON EXHIBIT in their new museum.

I know that many of you die-hard collectors have some impressive Jolson items displayed in your homes, garages, basements, etc. Well, the time has come to take Al out of the basement, and put him back on public display where he belongs. Don't you agree? This new museum is going to be one of the new hot-spots in the newly-restored Hollywood entertainment district, and these people have invited Mr. Jolson to come along for the ride. The task now is up to you and I. We need ORIGINAL items connected to Al Jolson: Sheet music, 78' Records, Props, Costumes, Signed Photos, Real lobby cards, posters,etc.. NOT 33 rpm albums, photo reproductions, but ORIGINAL items pertaining to Al. Any kind of unique collectable will be considered.

I urge you to start making an inventory list of the items you think you'd like to have on permanent display in this museum exhibit. Send the list to John Wehrman, and we will pick and choose the best of the best for this wonderful and long-overdue opportunity to throw a little attention in Al's direction. Whatever you have that you think is worthy of this project will be considered and appreciated. Also, be sure to tell your collector friends who may not be actual members of our Society to go through their Jolson artifacts, as well.

Time is of the essence for this one, folks. I, along with Dave Greim, will be over-seeing this from start to finish. Heck, I live just about 1/2 a mile away from the place!!!

Anyway, thank you for your prompt attention to this matter, and let's see this through for Jolie, OK?

(Former Southern California Rep, and current Mr. Tin Pan Alley)