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Richard Halpern

Richard Halpern They call him Mr. Tin Pan Alley, and at the Saturday night show of this year's Jolson Festival he showed us why. With a masterful program of songs drawn from Jolson films, Richard Halpern provided a fitting cap to the weekend's entertainment.

Entering the room from the rear, singing, Richard showed that talent that Jolson fans have been enjoying through his many Festival performances, and showed his love for the music of the World's Greatest Entertainer. Richard began his performance with songs from Jolson's later films, and included a film clip of himself singing with Sybil Jason, who was unable to make the festivities. For a sample of the first part of his act, click the picture to the upper left, or right here for a piece of Richard Halpern's Festival Performance.

Richard Halpern With any live performance, the performer has to adapt to the audience or situation. Such was the occasion with Richard Halpern that Saturday night, when his music went the wrong way at the wrong time. Always the trouper, Richard went right on and finished the number. You can either click the picture at the right, or this text link, to make up your mind if this bit was an accident or planned, you decide!

Richard Halpern Showing that he didn't need the music, anyway, Richard loosened his tie, and concluded his act as 11 p.m. approached, by taking requests from the audience. With no live music, his accompaniment had been pre-recorded, he sang the selections a capella. See what you think, by clicking the picture at left, or this text link, to hear Richard Halpern singing "Who Cares?"

If you'd like to see more about Richard, including his other strange personna, take a look at the Richard Halpern Home Page.

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