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Rudy Wissler

Rudy Wissler The first image of Al Jolson seen in The Jolson Story is not Al Jolson nor Larry Parks, but child actor Scotty Beckett. But the voice heard when Scotty opened his mouth belonged to a young Rudy Wissler, whose uncredited voice characterized the young Al Jolson in the movie. This is the third year that Rudy Wissler has delighted Festival audiences with his personality and presentation. Click for a sample of Rudy Wissler's Festival Performance.

Rudy's career did not end with The Jolson Story. He has been in numberous movies, and musical theatre as well. A winner on the Arthur Godfrey Talent Scouts program, his beautiful tenor voice has been heard on radio and TV programs throughout the years.

He's toured with such varied performances as barbershop quartet, opera, church choirs and nightclubs.

Now a proud Honorary Member of the International Al Jolson Society, Rudy is glad to continue his association with the World's Greatest Entertainer.

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