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Tony Babino

Tony Babino The headliner for the Friday night show at this year's Jolson Festival was a young man making his first appearance at a Jolson gathering: Tony Babino.

To say that he blew the audience away would be an understatement. Tony opened his mouth, rolled his eyes, and won a new place in the hearts of Jolson fans. Although there is a page about Tony on the Jolson Memorializer section, which includes an audio sample of his work, if you click in Tony's picture, you can see just a bit of Tony Babino's Festival Performance.

Jan - Tony - Dave But as the saying goes, "You ain't heard nothin' yet!" Our Festival chairman, Jan Hernstat, was itching to join Tony onstage and, with the help of pianist Dave Gross, who did a superb job at the ivories, had his turn in the spotlight. Sit down, hold on, and click to see Tony, Jan and Dave's treatment of a Jolson classic.

After this year's performance, we hope that Tony Babino continues to grace us with his presence, and perpetuate the sound and song of Al Jolson. And if you're in Atlantic City, be sure to look him up. You're sure to enjoy the show.

Be sure to check the page on Tony Babino - Jolson Memorializer as well!

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