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Issue 50 ~ Summer 2010
The Final Issue

Four times a year for the past thirteen years, Bob Daniels, the New York City Representative for the International Al Jolson Society, has been putting out a fascinating New York City Newsletter. Since the material in it has often been unique, showing different aspects and connections between Al Jolson and various show business, political, and historical people, places, and events, it never ceased to bring out something new. For the last several years of its publication, it was circulated by the Jolson website, rather than being sent out by mail, so that Jolson fans the world over may appreciate his efforts.

For those not yet members of the IAJS, the contents of this newsletter help illustrate the depth and breadth of information and material on the World's Greatest Entertainer encompassed by the International Al Jolson Society.

You can click the cover photo of the newsletter or this link to read the New York City Jolson Newsletter.

With the fiftieth edition of the newsletter, in the Summer of 2010, Bob Daniels put it to bed, and turned his attention to other matters of life and family. We wish him godspeed, with the hopes of many successes in the future. If there are those who feel that putting available back issues of this newsletter on the site would be of value, I look forward to hearing from you in that regard.

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