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oe Franklin has been a staple of the radio and television airwaves for a very long time, and his guest list has run the gamut from one end of the spectrum to the other. Essentially every star of stage, screen, or broadcast has sat with Joe Franklin through the years, including Al Jolson. We have been fortunate to have Joe speak with us at Jolson Festivals, here is your chance to hear Joe Franklin recollect about the World's Greatest Entertainer.
Joe Franklin
In May, 2002, IAJS member Brian Decker sat down with Joe Franklin and asked him some questions about Al Jolson. Click on the links to hear these questions and Joe's responses.
Joe on the IAJS
Joe on the World's Greatest
Touring with Jolie
Jolson's mother
Jolson's influences
Jolson duets
Decline of Jolson
Jolson's songs
Plantation Act
Older v. Newer Jolson
Thanks, Joe!
Our sincere thanks to Brian Decker for providing this material, and to Joe Franklin, for sharing some of his memories with us.

Upon the passing of Joe Franklin on January 24, 2015, this video of Joe's memories of Al Jolson was published.

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