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The influences of The World's Greatest Entertainer are all over the World Wide Web. Here is an assortment of websites of interest to Jolson Fans. Some include Al Jolson in their coverage, some do not, but they are all of interest to us, and deserve our support.

We'll start with a link back into this site. If you are looking to purchase Al Jolson videos or recordings, check out our "Buy It" section!

The International Al Jolson Society was pleased to be able to support a very nice online Jolson exhibition at a fascinating site, the Museum of Family History. Check out the rather substantial amount of material assembled in a section of the website entitled "The Immortal Al Jolson."

Musicals 101Al Jolson and Musicals seem forever linked, and here is a site devoted to those musicals, on stage and screen. With lots of information not available elsewhere, the Musicals 101 site makes for some very interesting reading.
Michael Leavey's Magic There are those who say that Al Jolson worked Magic upon the music he sang, and that Houdini, the famous magician was one of his fans. So, why not check out Michael Leavey's site devoted to his particular style of prestidigitation. Looks like a winning site to me!

Old Time Radio Fans
Al Jolson was a pioneer of radio in its earliest days. Today, a website called Old Time Radio Fans allows you to hear and download many great shows in MP3 format. Check it out, and enjoy other great classic radio shows.

Old Time RadioOld Time Radio Site
Sure, Jolie was a pioneer on the radio, but there were some others involved as well. Here is a site devoted to Old Time Radio, which features material on all the early stars of the medium, including Al Jolson!

Here's a site that simulates a Vintage 1920 Vaudeville show! Dedicated to Al Jolson, it includes real audio clips of Al himself singing excerpts from Swanee and Who Played Poker With Pokahontas? along with numbers by Eddie Cantor, Fannie Brice, and other show business legends. This site itself is sponsored by a nifty source for Ragtime, Jazz, and other Vintage Recordings. Check that out, as well!

Steve's Polka Page It may not be Jolie, but it's different. Check out Steve Litwin's Polka Page for some other musical links.

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