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Al Jolson was, if nothing else, a complex individual. We have his songs and his films, and written descriptions of his stage performances, but the details of his family and heritage have often eluded us. On this page, thanks to the hard work and determination of a variety of individuals, you will find pieces of that historical background, and answers to some lingering questions.

After many years of research, the questions surrounding Al Jolson's true date of birth have finally been answered. Here is the original record of Al Jolson's birth, his original name in Yiddish, and an explanation of the name, the date, and the history.

Jolson scholar Professor Joseph Ciolino made a journey to a cemetery in Anacostia, in search of the final resting places of Al Jolson's parents. Here are the words he wrote, and the photographs he took, of this hallowed ground.

And then there was Al Jolson's older brother, Harry Jolson. There is not a lot of material extant on Harry, and he joked that he was in The Jolson Story, doing dishes in the kitchen during the gefilte fish scene, but here is a little look at the older brother Jolson.

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