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The Immortal Jolson
As complex as Al Jolson, the man, was, so complex is the legacy that Al Jolson left behind. In this section, you can learn about his passing, what was important to Al Jolson, and what others who knew him thought, felt, and said upon his passing. There is little doubt that the impact of Jolie's talent continues to be felt over a half century after his passing. Here is a little window on some of that material.

The Passing of The Jazz Singer In this section, you can find information about Jolson's death, funeral, and gravesite. Eulogies delivered at Jolson's funerals, there were two, are included, as well as pictures of the gravesite.

Memorials to Al Jolson As befits a man who touched so many, there are many physical memorials to the life and work of Al Jolson. Within this section you can see many of the tributes placed to the World's Greatest Entertainer.

Al Jolson's Legacy What was important to Al Jolson? Here is a brief recap of his last will and testament, showing where the Jolson fortune went, and who was helped by his generosity.

Tributes to
Al Jolson
Whether shortly after his death, or decades later, tributes to Al Jolson have been, and continue to be made. Here is a selection of programs made in tribute to the world's first superstar.

This page is still very much under development. Sections will be added periodically throughout the next several months. Be sure to stop back often, to see what new material has arrived online.

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