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On October 14, 2000, the International Al Jolson Society, spearheaded by a dedicated Southern California campaign, placed a star honoring Al Jolson on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. If you could not be there, here is your chance to share in that celebration. Here are photos of the event, a description by Michelle Malik, and, at the bottom of the page, a half hour audio recording of the program!

The Star of the Hour
Al Jolson
By Michelle Malik
The occasion of Al Jolson receiving a star on the Palm Spring's Walk of Stars was a very appropriate and touching way to commemorate the singer with the golden voice who left us fifty years ago. Orchestrated with blood, sweat and tears by Dave and Susie Miller for over a year and half, this grand affair was also a celebration of fifty years of unity for the International Al Jolson Society. Being a fan of Jolson myself as well as the president of the Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society, I can surely enjoy the value of community, and it was obvious to me that this group had forged friendship ties that have lasted for many years.
Gerhard Frenzel
John Wehrman
Sybil Jason
Gerhard Frenzel
John Wehrman
Sybil Jason

The day began with a lovely star unveiling ceremony at the Palm Springs Walk of Stars right in front of the Plaza Theater where Jolie performed many years before. The Millers ensured Al a spot set aside from all others on the walk, which was at the entrance to the theater. John Wehrman, the Millers, Sybil Jason and Tony Drake, Nancy Marlowe-Trump, Richard Halpern, co-Southern California Reps Cathy Rivera, and Dave Greim among many other dignitaries, friends, and fans turned out for the beautiful ceremony that lasted over an hour in the warm Palm Springs' sun. This was followed by a refreshing reception in a lovely room at our hotel, the Hyatt Regency that was fashioned by clever stained glass and terrific conversation.
Richard Halpern
Richard Halpern
David Miller, Sybil Jason,
Susan Miller and Gerhard Frenzel

The evening began at 7 p.m. with a charming dinner with exquisite chicken cuisine and a rousing show by Richard Halpern. The crowd thrilled to the sound of Tin Pan Alley man, Richard, delivering some of their favorite upbeat Jolson songs, like "I Sent My Wife To The Thousand Isles," "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday on Saturday Night," and "Tonight's My Night With Baby" (some of my all-time Jolie favorites). He also swayed the audience with beautiful renditions of "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby," "Hollywood Rose," and of course, "My Mammy" among many others. I was happy to be a part of the event, and look forward to more IAJS affairs in the near future! I commend the Millers, Richard, and the whole "Star" committee for their hard work to make this event the great success that is was!

Share the Fame
To add your name to the list of those funding this permanent tribute to the World's Greatest Entertainer, as well as other ongoing and future projects of the IAJS, send your contribution, no matter how big or small, to the IAJS. Send your check or money order to:
Sandra K. Gerloff
419 Glenwood Drive
Douglassville, PA
and indicate on the check that it is for support of the Walk of Stars project. A hearty "Well Done" to David and Sue Miller, who got the ball rolling with a sizeable donation of their own, and have kept the ball rolling.

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