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There is no doubt that Al Jolson's influence on the entertainment industry, and the world, was unique. Never before, and not since, has there been such as talent as the man who first billed himself as "The World's Greatest Entertainer," and was never challenged on the point. After his death, there has been an endless succession of tribute shows to this singular personality. This is one of that series.
In September, 2005, Jan Hernstat, president of the International Al Jolson Society, joined Jerry Mac, proprieter of the Country Music Planet website, for a chat about Al Jolson. The first half of the one hour program is an interview with Jan, featuring several classic Jolson recordings, and a brief exploration of Jolson's history. The second half-hour is the Kraft Music Hall program of March 17, 1949, which features Roy Rogers and Dale Evans as guest stars. Here is what Jerry Mac had to say about this program:

Even though, The Country Music Planet presents radio shows that are most often filled with what most of our visitors would consider country music, we thought it was very necessary to present this show that contains the music of the man so many people throughout the world consider "The World's Greatest Entertainer" ever.

Most of you visitors will probably be amazed at just how many of the country music superstars were influenced by Al Jolson.

This first half of this show consist of my conversations with Jan Hernstat, the president of The International Al Jolson Society and with us playing some great Al Jolson music. At the end of our portion of the show, we send you back in time to "The Al Jolson Kraft Music Hall Show" that was originally broadcast on Thursday, March 17, 1949 (St. Patrick's Day), with the king of the cowboys, Roy Rogers, and his queen, Dale Evans, as guest stars.

I highly suggest you listen to this show, because in the words of Al Jolson, "YOU AIN'T HEARD NOTHIN', YET."

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