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The memory of a man may be measured by what those say of him in future times. In the case of Al Jolson, the tributes began at the time of his passing, and have yet to end. On this page, you can listen to some of those programs produced to remember the World's Greatest Entertainer.

Marv Freeman
Originating in the Phoenix, Arizona, area, Marv Freeman has produced several programs deovted to Al Jolson. Here they are, for your enjoyment.

Jan Hernstat
Serving the organization to which he was elected president, Jan Hernstat has done his share in promoting Al Jolson. Check this section for some of his work.

John Wehrman
Among his other works to date, past president of the IAJS John Wehrman has been producing some wonderful tribute programs about Al Jolson. Here is a look at some of his work.

Dr. Saul Drajer
As a tribute on the 50th anniversary of the passing of Al Jolson, Dr. Saul Drajer appeared on the Buenos Aires radio show called Di Naye Yiddishe Sho (The New Yiddish Show). On the October 29, 2000, episode, he took to the air with this 13 minute segment devoted to Al Jolson.

Radio Once More
On March 15, 2010, IAJS President Jan Hernstat was the guest on Radio Once More, a program devoted to old time radio. About halfway through the program he was joined by Marc Leavey, webmaster of After more than an hour discussing Al Jolson, the program then featured the rehearsal recording of the Philco Radio Show, transcribed on March 3, 1947, with the performance version broadcast on April 2, 1947. And following that, the Lux Radio Theatre broadcast of The Jolson Story, starring Al Jolson, from February 16, 1948. This is a three hour broadcast, which we bring to you through the courtesy of Radio Once More.

Big Band to
Our own Skip Mack joined Greg Van Beek and host Rich Michaels on his Big Band to Broadway program on November 16, 1997. Over the two hour program they did a lot of talking about Al Jolson, and played quite a few great recordings. Here's your chance to hear this wonderful program.

Walter Winchell
In 1971, Walter Winchell narrated a wonderful tribute to the World's Greatest Entertainer. Here is that program for your enjoyment!

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