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Brenda Lee
Brenda Lee sang her way out of an impoverished childhood and into the hearts of the world. From the beginning it was obvious that here was a rare talent with a distinctive throaty style and rich vocal presence. By six she was astounding listeners with a mature sound and lyric interpretation reserved for women who had gathered both thru time and experience. By the 60's, Brenda was the darling of her peers - a generation of teenagers who cut their rock 'n roll teeth on the young singer who music critics and audiences alike had fallen in love with. Before turning twenty, Brenda had recorded a phenomenal 256 sides - a musical odyssey that even at this early stage included classic million sellers like "I'm Sorry," "Fool Number 1," "Emotions," "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree," and "That's All You Gotta Do." - to mention only the tip of Brenda's career signature songs. Rarely has a performer grown from childhood to maturity with the momentum that has propelled this lady into a fourth decade of making music.

Perhaps what set her most apart from other girl singers of her era was her onstage performances. She not only possessed undoubtedly one of the most unique female voices in the history of recorded music, but she also had the uncanny ability to hold an audience spellbound. Many reviewers compared her to Elvis Presley in her onstage dynamics - a comparison that found Brenda being dubbed "Little Miss Dynamite" - an association that endures to this day.

For Brenda the world was her stage. She was one of America's most in-demand musical exports of the 60s. Audiences in 52 foreign nations have shouted their approval and Brenda continues to be a well-travelled globe trotter. Her foreign tours bring her annually in front of fans with well-worn and well-loved collections of her music.

Brenda's survival instincts are well-honed and well in line with her "get down to basics approach" to life in general and her career in particular. She continues to do what she does best - sing. A continuing stream of Brenda's musical releases in the '90's have produced platinum CD's, not only on America shores, but in foreign music capitals from London to Tokyo.

Brenda maintains a vast army of fans, and adds scores of new fans annually. They encompass a generation of "baby boomers" who grew up with rock 'n roll. They also include her parents generation who were charmed with Brenda as a child performer and watched her grow up before their eyes. Perhaps the biggest surprise of all are the young people who populate her concerts and comb classic record bins to reassemble a career in sight and sound that they are too young to experience.

From the early part of her career, listen to Little Miss Dynamite's interpretations of two of Al Jolson's standards:
Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
Toot, Toot, Tootsie

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