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Barry O'Dowd In 1956, a tribute recording to Al Jolson was produced in Melbourne, Australia, featuring Barry O'Dowd. This is an excerpt from that album.

The cover notes on Mr. O'Dowd read as follows:

Years ago, a little boy went to the pictures one afternoon and afterwards raced home to tell his mother he'd found a terrific new singer, but was terribly disappointed to find that people had already heard of AL JOLSON. Years later, one of the biggest names in Australian showbusiness and a vocalist in his own right, he was chosen to be the voice of Jolson. This record proves Barry's claim to the crown "King of Impressionists" for you to hear all the changes in Jolie's voice from his youth till his old age.

Singing and speaking we played tracks of this record to Jolson fans and immediately afterwards played the Jolson original and in almost every case they claimed the Jolson to be the fake. The most ambitious and expensive record ever to be produced in Australia, this is not only a tribute to a great artist of the past, but a wonderful triumph to one of the present.

Allowing the listener the luxury of evaluating the cover notes hyperbole, presented without further comment or commentary are two songs, in medley, by Mr. O'Dowd from this album:

April Showers and My Mammy

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