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Eddie Fisher Album
First appearing as a young discovery through the efforts of Eddie Cantor, Eddie Fisher in many ways picked up the mantle laid down by Al Jolson. Although he is not often heard from lately, his voice and style were often heard on the radio and television during the 1950s and 1960s. Pictured is an album of Jolson songs Eddie Fisher did as a tribute to The World's Greatest Entertainer, and clicking on the album or one of Eddie Fisher's pictures below will allow you to hear Eddie's interpretation of one of Jolson's classic songs.
Eddie Fisher, then
Eddie Fisher, now
Eddie Fisher in his youth
Eddie Fisher at the
1999 San Francisco
Jolson Festival

Good-Bye G.I. Al To many people, Eddie Fisher was the heir apparent upon the death of Al Jolson. It was altogether fitting and proper, then, for him to introduce a song written in tribute to the fallen Jazz Singer by long time companion and composer Harry Akst. Listen as Eddie Fisher sings the song "Good-Bye G.I. Al," as he, himself, entertains the audience that meant so much to Al Jolson.

Click the photo at left to see a wonderful performance of a Jolson inspired medley by Eddie Fisher on a Dean Martin television program from the 1970s.
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