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Gorshin and Jolson as if they met
In 1953, three years after Al Jolson had started the ball rolling, a young Frank Gorshin served in the Special Services, where he helped entertain troups engaged in the Korean War. After that initiation by fire, he became well known as an actor with a wide range, including uncanny impressions of popular stars.

One of those stars that Frank Gorshin almost always included in his act was Al Jolson. Unfortunately, there are very few recordings of his Jolson impression. Here, though, is one that he interpolated into a number performed in the revival of the Gershwin show, Girl Crazy. Listen as Frank Gorshin pays tribute to Maurice Chevalier, Eddie Cantor, Jimmy Durante, and Al Jolson in this number from the show.

Frank Gorshin singing "But Not For Me"

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