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Mike Burstyn as Al Jolson
Starting by his parents' side in the Yiddish theatre at age 7, Mike Burstyn starred in the national touring company of Jolson: The Musical. He first heard Jolson songs through his father's Yiddish versions of the singer's songs, but quickly developed his own appreciation of a wide range of music. With credits on Broadway, film and television; in the United States, Europe, and Israel; Mike Burstyn brought a unique perspective to the interpretation of a musical legend.

See and hear Mike Burstyn sing two Jolson tunes!
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The man who brought Al Jolson to the stage has a website of his own. Click on over to Mike Burstyn's site, to get a glimpse of the man behind the character. This multifaceted entertainer continues to use his personal tradition and heritage, applied so well to his portrayal of The World's Greatest Entertainer, to his continuing theatrical roles. Mike Burstyn as Al Jolson

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