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Norman Brooks and Al Goodman
In the 1950s, a young voice from Canada arose to claim the title of keeper of the Jolson voice. Norman Brooks was his name, and his uncanny ability to imitate Al Jolson netted him a role playing Jolie in the motion picture telling the story of DeSylva, Brown and Henderson "The Best Things In Life Are Free."

He recorded several albums of Jolson music, and is pictured here with Al Goodman, Jolson's conductor from stage shows and The Jazz Singer. Although his recordings have been released under a variety of pseudonyms, one listen will tell you that Norman Brooks deserved the accolades he was given.

Listen to Norman Books with his rendition of "Ma Blushin' Rosie."

Norman Brooks as Al Jolson In the 1956 movie, The Best Things In Life Are Free, which told the Hollywood version of the story of the songwriting team of DeSylva, Brown, and Henderson, Norman Brooks portrayed Al Jolson and the creation of the first million selling song, "Sonny Boy" from The Singing Fool.

Click to see an excerpt of this motion picture, showing Norman Brooks' portrayal of Al Jolson.

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