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Compiled by Ed Greenbaum

This section contains all known songs sung by Al Jolson on commercial recordings, radio programs and movie soundtracks. The tunes are listed alphabetically and each song is posted in chronological order therein.

Sources for the data listed are: Dave Wigransky's "Jolsonography" (1969 edition), Larry Kiner and Philip Evans' brilliant "Al Jolson: A Bio-Discography" (1992), various radio scripts extant in the Lincoln Center Library in New York, Lifebuoy and Colgate scripts in my personal collection, and most importantly, copies of the many radio shows and movies that exist in Jolson collections to date.

This list contains many recording and air dates unknown until just a few years ago. In particular, actual recording dates for Jolson's film vocals have been brought up to date and reflect the many "takes" of many songs on a given date.

As complete as this listing can be, there remain gaps yet to be filled. A large number of radio song titles from various Jolson radio series and guest appearances are unknown at this time. Perhaps in the future, these tunes can be added to the current list, if more information is forthcoming from new sources.

The symbol (*) represents an excerpt of a song. Jolson would, if needed, often sing just a few words or a few lines of a number in furtherance of a gag or musical montage.

The symbol (X) means that Jolson did the song more than once on a particular date: for example, (4X) means a tune was done four times until the arrangement and vocal were deemed good enough for the final soundtrack, while (2X) on a radio program listing means that Jolson sang the song twice on one broadcast.

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