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When it was previewed, the 1946 film biography of Al Jolson, The Jolson Story, reportedly ran for almost three hours, and contained at least two songs that were cut from the film before its general release. Although the stories behind these two clips have been circulating for years, the film has not been seen in over a half century.

One of the deleted scenes was a recreation of The Singing Fool, with Larry Parks portraying Al Jolson, singing "Sonny Boy" to a youngster. Whether it was cut because it dragged the movie down, as Jolson was quoted to have reported, or because the song was felt to be a cliche and dated, as others have suggested, the fact remains that the film footage of this scene has never surfaced.

On the other hand, the filmed scene of Al Jolson singing the Yiddish song "A Cantor on the Sabbath," or "A Chazen auf Shabbos," had been seen at Hollywood parties after being cut from The Jolson Story, ostensibly because it was felt to be too ethnic for the movie. After considerable effort, and considerable expense, the International Al Jolson Society has recovered this film clip, restored it, and transferred it to DVD for all to enjoy.

Ultimately, the search and negotiations for this film generated expenses in the range of $5000 to the Society. To recoup this expenditure, a DVD copy of this 4½ minute clip, or a VHS tape if you cannot play a DVD, will be sent to members who make a $30 or more donation to the Society. You cannot order this clip over the web. You must send a check to the Society video director, who will fulfill the orders.

To obtain a copy of this clip for yourself, please send your request with a check for $30, or more, in US funds, made payable to the International Al Jolson Society, to the Society Video Director:

John Webster
754 Lincoln Avenue
Lake Bluff, IL 60044

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