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Although Al Jolson had no biological children, he adopted three children during his last two marriages. Then again, in the scheme of things, maybe we all are his children, for life!

In 1935, Al Jolson and his third wife, Ruby Keeler, adopted a baby boy. This seven week old boy, of Jewish and Irish extraction, was named Al Jolson, Jr., although Al called him "Sonny Boy," and Ruby shortened that into "Sonny." According to Jolson biographers, Al Jr. seemed more attracted to Ruby than Al, as many children seem to prefer one parent over another. After divorcing Al Jolson, Ruby Keeler married John Lowe, and at age 14 Sonny Boy became Albert Peter Lowe.

Albert Peter Lowe passed away at age 72, in November, 2007.

With Erle Galbraith, Al Jolson's fourth wife, a six month old baby boy was adopted in late 1947. Naming him Asa Albert Jolson, Jr., Al and Erle became doting parents for the toddler. It was after Asa's adoption that Al bought the perfect home for his new family, buying the home he had built for Ruby and himself back from Don Ameche, it's current owner, at a loss.

In 1950, the Jolsons adopted a second baby, a girl they named Alicia. Pictured at the right, she was diagnosed as being retarded and eventually required institutional placement.

Alicia died in 1982, at the age of about 32. She is buried in Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills along with Erle, Norman Krasna, and members of the Galbraith family.

Known to his family as "Jolie," Albert Jolson created Al Jolson Enterprises and shortly thereafter opened a recording studio and music publishing business. In 1988, he purchased a large recording studio from Monument Records. The studio, named Masterlink Studio, was a staple on Music Row for decades. Moreover, Jolson expanded his recording business duplicating audio cassettes and later compact discs. In August, 2006, he pulled the cord to reveal the "Al Jolson Way" sign at the ceremony in New York, in front of the Winter Garden Theatre that his father had opened. After battling pneumonia for four months, Albert Jolson passed away on March 4, 2015. He was 67 years old.

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