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There is no doubt that Al Jolson's influence on the entertainment industry, and the world, was unique. Never before, and not since, has there been such as talent as the man who first billed himself as "The World's Greatest Entertainer," and was never challenged on the point. After his death, there has been an endless succession of tribute shows to this singular personality. This is one of that series.

On the 115th anniversary of the birthday of Al Jolson, Marv Freeman produced another great radio tribute to the World's Greatest Entertainer, airing in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. Called "Jolson Lives Again," it contained material relating to Al Jolson's many trips to entertain soldiers; trips which ultimately cost him his life.

To enjoy this program, which runs a tad over a half hour, just

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Listen to this wonderful program through the courtesy of radio station KSAZ AM 580, covering Arizona, just as it was originally broadcast over most of the state of Arizona, including Phoenix and Tuscon. This program was produced, written, and narrated by Marvin Freeman. It may not be copied or distributed without express permission of the copyright holders.

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