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October 23, 1950. The day the music died. The man who had been the king of the entertainment industry, the undisputed World's Greatest Entertainer, died at the age of 64, while in San Francisco preparing for a broadcast of the Bing Crosby radio show. Here are a variety of features from the time of his death, and the ceremonies memorializing him.
The Death of The Jazz Singer Here is the story of that evening in San Francisco. Al Jolson and his buddies in the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, and the world of entertainment was about to change.

The Funeral of Al Jolson Watch a newsreel from 1950 presenting the news and sights of the funeral of the World's Greatest Entertainer to his audience.

Eulogies How do you eulogize a legend? Several had an opportunity, and here is a look, and listen, at their efforts.

Gravesite Al Jolson is interred in a magnificent memorial in Hillside Cemetary, near Los Angeles, California. Here is a look at the site.

Newspapers Media and the news was quite different in 1950 than today; and yet the news of the death of Al Jolson made headlines from coast to coast. Here are some examples of the reports of Jolson's passing.

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