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What can you say about a man who so dominated the entertainment industry that when he billed himself as the World's Greatest Entertainer, no one ever challenged him? Upon his passing, several had that opportunity. Here you can read, and listen to, those tributes.
George Jessel The man monikered the "Toastmaster General" and eulogizer of so many famous folks was a friend, and rival, of Al Jolson. Here is his eulogy in print and audio.

Rabbi Max Nussbaum Rabbi Nussbaum was the rabbi of Temple Israel, and he officiated at Al Jolson's funeral. Read what he had to say upon the passing of this great Jewish star.

Jack Benny A year after Al Jolson's original interment, his grave was relocated to its present location at Hillside Cemetary. At a memorial service at that time, Jack Benny delivered this stirring eulogy.

Harry Jolson After Al Jolson's death, Al's older brother, Harry, with whom he had entered show business, released a recording including a brief eulogy of his brother, Al. From 1952, here are Harry Jolson's words about his brother.

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