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There can be little doubt of the influence that Al Jolson had on the motion picture industry. From his first appearance in a Vitaphone Short, The Plantation Act, through his starring role in the first "talking picture," The Jazz Singer, until, near the end of his life, he became the first entertainer ever to have two film biographies produced, Al Jolson remained an integral part of motion picture history.

The Jazz Singer
Premiering on October 6, 1927, The Jazz Singer, was the first feature talking picture, and starred Al Jolson. October, 2017, will mark the 90th anniversary of this event. Here is a collection of material designed to commemorate this historic film.

The fall of 2013 was the 85th anniversary of Al Jolson's second motion picture, The Singing Fool. Take a look at a page devoted to this film, the gross receipts of which were not exceeded until Gone With The Wind, and which introduced the first million seller recording of all time, Sonny Boy. Now with two video clips from the movie!

Say It With Songs Al Jolson's third motion picture was Say It With Songs, which premiered in 1929, making 2014 the 85th anniversary of this film. Bringing child star Davey Lee back after his success in The Singing Fool, the film tries to recapture a father's love for his Little Pal. Enjoy this summary of the film and three video clips of the movie.

Al Jolson in MAMMY
The year 2015 marked the 85th anniversary of Al Jolson's fourth movie, Mammy. Here is a summary of this wonderful movie, with songs by Irving Berlin, along with photos and film clips of some of the songs from the picture, presented in RealMedia format.

Big Boy
The year 2015 also marked the 85th anniversary of Al Jolson's fifth movie, Big Boy. Adapted from the stage play of the same name, but with a new score, this was Jolson's only film done all in blackface. Here is a summary of the movie, along with video clips in RealMedia format.

Jolson's Movies From 1927 through 1939, Al Jolson starred, or had a major role, in eleven classic motion pictures. His co-stars and featured players included Don Ameche, Dick Powell, Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Frank Morgan, Ruby Keeler, Patsy Kelly, and Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt. Here are brief summaries and stills from each of them.

Al Jolson in the Hollywood Cavalcade In 1939, Al Jolson recreated his groundbreaking movie role in The Jazz Singer for the movie Hollywood Cavalcade. Here is your chance to see the scene from the movie featuring Al Jolson in Real Video format.

Al Jolson in Rhapsody in Blue In 1943, Al Jolson played himself in Rhapsody in Blue, the film biography of George Gershwin. In the film, Jolson illustrated his introduction of Gershwin's biggest hit, "Swanee," during the run of Sinbad. Click to see this great video clip..

Special Video Clips of Al Jolson Here are a few very special Video Clips of Al Jolson. One is his first appearance on the screen, one nearly his last. Check them out!

Al Jolson was the first, and perhaps the only, person to have two film biographies made of his life while he was still alive. Take a look at these two classic films,
The Jolson Story and Jolson Sings Again!
The Jolson Story   Jolson Sings Again

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