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What is a man, but what he leaves behind? And what physical remembrances have been left, erected, or remain to the memory of the World's Greatest Entertainer? On this page, a look at the variety of memorials to Al Jolson.

Gravesite Al Jolson is interred in a magnificent memorial in Hillside Cemetary, near Los Angeles, California. Here is a look at the site.

Hollywood Star If you can't get to Hollywood, here is a look at Al Jolson's presence on the Hollywood Walk of Stars.

An Oscar for Jolie Although he received many awards, Al Jolson never received the Academy Award - the Oscar. Here is your chance to try to make that happen!

Grauman's Theatre He left not just his footprints, as all do, but a little Jolson extra in this block of cement in front of the famous theatre. Here's a look at what he did.

Jolson Theatre Al Jolson became the youngest performer ever to have a theatre named for him. It's no longer there, but here's a look at the New York structure, before the wrecking ball hit.

Korean War Memorial A true casualty of the Korean War, Al Jolson is remembered in this International Al Jolson Society sponsored segment of the Massachusetts Korean War Memorial.

Jolson Stamp After years of trying, Al Jolson was honored in 1994 with a US postage stamp. Here's the story behind it, and a look at the stamp, itself.

Liverpool Plaque Here's a look at a plaque placed by the IAJS in honor of Al Jolson at his point of departure from Europe as a young boy.

Palm Springs Walk of Fame In October, 2000, the International Al Jolson Society marked the placing of a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame in honor of Al Jolson. Here you can both see the star, and hear the ceremony.

Al Jolson Way in NYC Fifty-six years after his death, and after nine years of effort, devoted fans of Al Jolson have succeeded in having the section of Broadway in front of the Winter Garden Theatre named for the World's Greatest Entertainer. Here is the story of that effort.

World War II Memorial Thanks to the efforts of John Wehrman and David Miller, of the IAJS, Al Jolson's efforts during World War II are acknowledged on the website of the National World War II Memorial.

Palm Restaurant in LA & NYC Thanks to David and Susie Miller, the LA branch of the Palm Restaurant now has Al Jolson hanging on the wall, greeting the diners in this elegant eatery.

General Patton
Thanks to David Miller, Al Jolson's contribution to the war effort is acknowledged at the General George Patton Museum, Chiriaco Summit, Californa.

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